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Alternative History

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Disruptive Fare

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Geo Engineering

Geo Engineering

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Not Politics

Not politics

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Perhaps one of the greatest paradigm shifts in human history is upon us. We are moving from a bricks and mortar economy to a fully digital economy. We all know about the transformation to the digital. But the policies that are intended to implement the great reset, using the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ as an excuse, have caused businesses and individuals to reevaluate their life.

Businesses that have been impacted the most obviously have been the physical businesses. Many of them have simply bankrupt or gone out of business. But some have adapted for example restaurants have shifted to a delivery only or takeout and delivery concept, now known as dark kitchens.  Basically a dark kitchen is a restaurant that doesn't have any dining room.  So, it isn’t that restaurants have been impacted by lockdowns, it’s the physical part of all businesses that have been affected – and that’s across the board.

Some businesses such as Wall Street have been living in the virtual universe for a very long time. Those businesses who have already had a virtual presence have not had to adapt, and their businesses have been thriving.

What we are calling the digital vortex is the wormhole, or the portal – from the physical to the virtual.

The Great Reset as called by the Davos crowd is a carefully selected and highly deceptive name.  A better name might be “Global Upgrade” as that’s what’s going to happen whether or not the plan for global governance works or not.  If you look at the last 50 years, organizations both public and private rely increasingly more on software to manage their operations.  Each new micro paradigm is ushered in by a technological Monopoly, that defines the way of work for 10 years.

Google created a unique method of surveillance capitalism by offering a plethora of free products, whereby the user is the product.  Google collects data about your search history, your location, reads your emails, and sees what you see:

Google Photos was introduced over five years ago, and since then it's become one of the company's most beloved services. More than 4 trillion photos are stored on Google Photos, with 28 billion new photos and videos uploaded every week[1]

Google offers free photo storage, email, and more – and sells that data to advertisers, governments, and other buyers of data.  The data is so unique, Google executives believe it could be used to predict the stock market.

Before Google, Microsoft created an I.T. powerhouse, that was literally the platform of the Personal Computer (PC).  It attracted developers, power users, governments – and it finally became the paradigm.  Disruptive companies become the establishment.

But all of these companies depend on a growing ecosystem of online virtual participants of all kinds. 

COVID lockdowns and various policies have forced this upon us, shoving users through the digital vortex with a boot.  Whether it is for work, family, or for other reasons – people are working from home, getting online entertainment, and recreating the physical in the virtual.  Of course, many have been doing this for years – but now it has been thrust upon us.

New companies are being formed and going through the Pre IPO process to finally replace the current establishment with a new way of doing business.  Airbnb is a great example, while hotels are suffering Airbnb is booming.  Companies are popping up left and right offering these kinds of services – and they too are fully virtual.  The world itself is moving through the digital vortex.

Whether you are being forced into this or want to be an early adopter, now is the time to get the tools you need to succeed in the Digital Matrix.  The good news, companies like Udemy and Coursera offer free courses on just about any topic you can imagine.  College Universities such as Stanford are publishing entire courses online.  With services like DoorDash – you can have your dinner brought to your home, for a small fee.  Companies like Chime are making banking easy, and they are not even banks.  Checkout this page for a list of tools that can help you walk through the Digital Vortex.

Money and markets are changing too, but it’s not only Crypto.  Already for several years, all the physical trading floors and exchanges have been shut down – trading is now 100% electronic.  Not only that, a growing percentage of all stock volume is algorithmic.  Hedge Funds that manage billions of dollars have been investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence, and so even the decision making is often done by computer.  It begs the question, in the future – what will humans do?

Thorstein Veblen wrote “The Theory of the Leisure Class: An Economic Study in the Evolution of Institutions” in 1899.  He measured class structure by leisure, workers toiled while the wealthy played Golf and painted pictures.  During the Industrial Revolution, manpower was needed in factories and in fields to shovel coal into the furnaces quite literally.  In this post-industrial paradigm shift, humans need to feed the computers raw intelligence, which we do through devices such as keyboards and microphones.  We are not yet at a point where computers can autonomously run by themselves, but according to some – we may be getting close.

We can automate our work with Automation Anywhere, and travel with Travelocity.  Palantir keeps us save by watching all and making sense of it, hosted by Amazon.  We can do all this from a Microsoft Windows PC, or a Google Android phone.  Having trouble fitting these companies all into one sentence? Grammarly can help, and even write for you. LLC was founded in 2019 and is a virtual corporation, with remote offices all over the world.  We connect on Zoom, by Microsoft email, WhatsApp (owned by Facebook), host on WP Engine, and collaborate using a number of tools.  We have a physical presence in Boca Raton, FL – San Diego, CA – Charlotte, NC – Tampa, FL – Long Island, NY – and other places.


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