By Frosty Wooldridge

The past year saw the United States weather “Black Lives Matter”; “Antifa” riots; Muslim Sharia Law creeping up in city after city, La Raza competing more powerfully in the four states along the border with Mexico. We saw 59,000 homeless in Los Angeles; 11,000 homeless in San Francisco; 10,000 homeless in Denver; and over 13,000,000 children living below the poverty line in America. Yet, we give billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries with no merit.

We faced and paid for our 18th year fighting a “terrorist ghost enemy” in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars that wasted $6 trillion and thousands of our young men and women who died in combat or suicide. At 22 suicides per day, and well, add them up over 18 years. And yet, our Congress keeps sending them over there to die or get their brains and emotions scrambled enough to kill themselves. How many suffer daily from PTSD that destroys their lives after their military service? Answer: hundreds of thousands of men and women. (Source:

We added another $1 trillion in national debt. We survived the Mueller Report, Impeachment, Climate Change, racial conflict just about every day in the news somewhere in America, Muslim terror attacks in America and Europe—and, well, pretty much the world races toward hell in a handbasket.

Ironically, with Muslims and their terroristic religion, our Congress keeps importing them into the USA as if tomorrow won’t get here. Well, try to live in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the “Little Mogadishu” district of 125,000 Somalians with an average IQ of 68. If you’re white or Latino, you wouldn’t last a week in that multicultural hellhole. Same with Lewiston, Maine and Detroit Michigan. Or, Miami, Florida. Or, New York City where they now feature “Muslim Community Patrol” cop cars replicating New York City cop cars and carrying out their “Sharia Law Patrols” to enforce their terroristic religion. Anybody understand how that’s going to work out in the long term? Not one single Muslim that professes his faith in the Quran wants to become an American. Why? Because the Quran forbids any allegiance to anything but Sharia Law. Talk about “no go zones” in America: we got them! 

And to think we’ll import another 20 million of them within a few short years! Anyone think that’s going to turn out well? Try House Member Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis district with the most Somalians returning to Africa to wage Jihad. Or, how about the $100 million Somalians scammed off the American taxpayer in 2019 with fraudulent EBT card theft.

While our 535 U.S. Congressional weasels twiddle their thumbs in Washington DC, another 1.1 million illegal aliens jumped our borders. Our trade deficit with China exceeds $1.5 trillion. We pay around $319,000,000,000.00 (billion) of our tax dollars for illegal immigration, their kids’ education and food, and medical care. (Source:

Ah, and another 300,000 pregnant mothers from other countries, birthed their children within US borders to ensure their “anchor baby” U.S. birthright citizenship. What did your U.S. Senator and House Member do for the last 30 years concerning that ongoing taxpayer nightmare? Answer: NOTHING!

How about those “Golden Ticket” Diversity Visas given out to 50,000 totally unskilled, inept, uneducated, totally illiterate foreigners for simply hitting the lottery jackpot to come to America---where you get to support them for the rest of their lives.

Yet, those same 535 Congressional critters did nothing to stop the invasion of our country. They engaged ZERO solutions to reconstruct our infrastructure. They voted to keep funding those two insane and worthless wars, along with Syria. For the love of God and country, why does Congress keep us in that insane Islamic region filled with people out of the 6th century who refuse to move into the 21st century? Why pretend that we’re stopping Muslim terror when we import them daily via immigration? This quote by a Muslim in America should give every American reason to stop all Muslim immigration: 

"Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” Omar Ahmed, director of Council on American Islamic Relations.

Yes, the Military Industrial Complex has Congress by the gonads, I mean, is there any other way to put it? Does another day fighting in Africa and the Middle East make sense? After 18 years of not making any sense? Does another $6 trillion wasted in warfare make sense? When do we stop giving up our young men in those useless wars?

All the while in 2019, we just added 1 million legal immigrants from 196 different countries with 196 different world views, languages, cultures and religions. We added another 1.1 million border jumpers, according to the U.S. Border Patrol, and they’re here to stay. The Yale Report stated that we house 23 to 25 million illegal aliens, but Congress tells you it’s a pultry 11 million. Congress fails to do anything to stop the invasion. 

And your Congressional Critters keep helping them into our country. The majority of senators and House members fail their sworn oath and our Constitution, daily and all year long. My two Senators, Cory Gardner (R-CO) and Michael Bennet (D-CO) haven’t done a damned thing to stop the invasion in 10 years each in Congress. Both prove themselves totally, completely, horrifically useless!

Congress paid more attention to quibbling and squabbling than serving the American people. The majority of them wasted our money and our minds with their inane bickering and arguing. If not for House member Jim Jordan and former House member Trey Gowdy, and a few others like Tom Cotton of Arkansas—I’m not sure I think there is a rational person in Washington DC. 

The youth of this country sprayed water on cops and openly defied our laws with impunity. While the young demonstrated against “Climate Change”, none of them connected the FACT that human overpopulation constitutes the MAIN driver of carbon footprint. While an old man like Bernie Sanders advocates for “Socialism”, which takes money from workers to give to non-workers—our national debt jumped to $23 trillion. How long before our entire system collapses?

How long can we sustain our nation when our young people hate our country? How much longer can we survive multiculturalism when it’s tearing our guts out while it destroys our culture? Do you think a Muslim has anything in common with an American? Does that immigrant from Somalia, Sudan, Congo or South Africa carry any affinity to our Constitution or culture?

I could write another two dozen consequences to 2019, but you get the picture.


Top specialists around the United States question whether or not we will make it as a viable civilization by 2050. 

If the same kinds of events continue into 2020, especially with the addition of another imported three million foreigners, I wonder if we will survive sociologically? Linguistically? Culturally? How can we hold in the middle when 45 million foreign born people who don’t think on the same page as Americans? What happens when we import another 100 million foreign born? How can we survive a 6th century religion that continues ‘honor killings’ and female genital mutilation in our own country? How can we survive competing languages that lack any connection or world-view to English-speaking Americans?

How will we survive the projected 110 million more people added to the USA within 30 years by 2050? Anybody want to take a guess?

“Where liberals see as an ever-more-splendid diversity of colors, creeds, ethnicities, ideologies, beliefs and lifestyles, thinking Americans see the disintegration of a country, a nation, a people, and its replacement with a Tower of Babel. Visions in conflict that democracy cannot reconcile.”

In 2020, I see more racial, religious and cultural conflict among competing tribes that we imported to our own demise and our own disastrous future.


By Frosty Wooldridge

As 2019 slips into the rear-view mirror faster than a firefly flashes its tail-lights, 2020 rolls into view like a wildfire across Australia. Or, like a forest fire in California. This new year faces jam-ups like Los Angeles, Denver or New York’s gridlocked traffic. Yes, 2020 grows dirtier faster than the Brown Cloud arching over every major city in the USA. Cancer chases and catches millions of Americans faster than a Tesla can re-charge its batteries.

What’s so amazing about 2020: Americans face multiple horrific challenges on many fronts. We’ve got the killing fields of Chicago where folks kill each other daily in that city’s “gun free” zone. We face racial violence growing in the ghettoes across this country. We face water systems going dry. We continue killing people in Iraq and Afghanistan---with no end in sight. We see our schools graduating teenagers with little ability to read, write or perform simple math. An astounding 7 out of 10 African-American babies arrive out of wedlock to be brought up on welfare and single mothers.

Across our major cities, we saw 38 police officers meet their death at the hands of violent citizens executing them in 2019. How many will die defending us this year? In New York City, thug teens poured water on officers and taunted them with impunity.

Our country faces more problems than a bathtub full of worms. And you know, it’s not going to get better in our big cities. It’s going to get worse, much worse. We’re going to see racial tensions escalate into major violence. We’re going to see backlashes on Muslims as some of their jihadist buddies blow up a few places in the USA or kill a bunch of Americans. We’re going to see drug addiction, suicides and opioid deaths skyrocket. It’s in the cards.

We may be facing “civilizational despair.” A debilitating sense or loss of our culture, our language, our laws and our connectedness to each other and our country. It’s the end result of multiculturalism: and it’s moving across our land at breakneck speed. We, the American people, don’t know who we are anymore because we’re no longer ourselves inside our own country. You see it reflected in the nasty divisions in our U.S. Congress. Two sides hate each other: democrats and republicans will not pull together for the common good. And several House Members from Michigan and Minnesota would like to destroy our country: Somalian Ilhan Omar and Palestinian Rashida Tlaib. Another from New York, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez follows their lead. All three possess cotton-candy for brains.

But one of the most pressing items for 2020 stems from our entire planet facing horrific problems. Last year, Time named Greta Thunberg “Person of the Year” for her stance on “Catastrophic Climate Destabilization.” At 15, she’s outspoken for the children of her generation. At the same time, she’s suffered a boat-load of negative feedback from many quarters. 

Whether you understand climate change or not, accept it or not—the human race faces some of the greatest consequences for our species in over 2,000 years.

She said, “We are at the beginning of a mass extinction of life on this planet, and all you can talk about is fairy tales of eternal economic growth…how dare you.”

She’s correct! According to the 40 year study by Norman Myers of Oxford University, we lose 100 species every single day of the year to extinction in 2020. The famed Harvard biologist Edward O. Wilson stated emphatically that, on our current course, “The human race will wipe out 1/3 of all animal species on this planet via encroachment or poisoning of their habitat by 2050.”

Because, at some point, as we destroy the “Web of Life” on this planet, we too, one day, will find ourselves heading into Mother Nature’s wood-chipper.

Greta Thunberg said, “I often talk to people who say, ‘No, we have to be hopeful and to inspire each other, and we can’t tell [people] too many negative things’ . . . But, no —we have to tell it like it is. Because if there are no positive things to tell, then what should we do, should we spread false hope? We can’t do that,we have to tell the truth.

For example, 20 years ago, Oprah Winfrey exposed the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” just off San Francisco at 60 million tons of plastic compacted between two gyers, about the size of Texas and 30 to 90 feet deep. As a veteran 60 year scuba diver around the world, I’ve seen it. It’s huge, it’s ugly, it’s growing, and it’s deadly to MILLIONS of marine and avian creatures in our oceans. Today, because no world leader has moved to stop it, the “patch” grew to 100 million tons. Today, fish eat the plastic, birds eat the plastic, the sun breaks it down so it’s in our food chain; so, we humans eat the plastic and our children. 

And not one single leader in the world will put a simple 50 cent deposit-return law into the mix to create an economic incentive to return all plastics for proper reuse. NOT ONE leader and NO ONE in the United States Congress! We humans may be clever, but we are stupid beyond measure.

I’ve given you a couple of the problems facing America and all humans on this planet in 2020. We created 70,000 chemicals that we inject into the air, water and land 24/7. Anybody speaking up about that? Of course, every person reading this commentary knows a friend with cancer or you face cancer yourself. Why? Because no one speaks up against Monsanto, Bayer or Dow Chemical Company. Go see the move: Dark Waters, to show you how amoral those people prove themselves.

And, even with the “climate change” people, they refuse to connect the fact that the human race grows by 83 million people, net gain, annually—so, as we head toward adding 3 billion more of ourselves—there’s no way in hell we could save ourselves as we exceed 10 billion people by 2050 on this fragile little planet out in the far reaches of the Milky Way.

Sobering point: I have tried to interview on 60 Minutes, NPR, Face the Nation, Meet the Press, CNN, FOX and over 100 radio stations to bring the facts for the past 20 years. Result: they flee any discussion of human overpopulation in America. Yet, we remain on course to add another 140 million people in 30 years! It’s too late for India; and once that next 140 million people land on America, it will be too late for us.

As a civilization, we face horrific consequences as to our numbers, to our water, energy and resources. We face tremendous consequences as to our quality of life and standard of living. Are we doing anything to make it a better future for our children? Answer: Nope! We prove ourselves as stupid as those people who let India reach 1.3 billion and China hit 1.4 billion.

We might survive 2020, but the sleddin’ will get rougher, nastier and more than gritty in the coming decade.

And Greta Thunberg? She’s got guts and we need to move on her activism with our own activism for our own children.


By Frosty Wooldridge

Like a brand-spanking shiny new dime, 2020 offers America’s leaders a chance to correct a lot of wrongs against her citizens. Let’s review the most important items our U.S. Congress and this president need to solve.

First of all, we need to withdraw ALL our troops and bases out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and all other places in Africa and the Middle East. They don’t want us there. Iraq passed a resolution for us to vacate their country. We’ve wasted tens of thousands of our young men’s and women’s lives in the past 19 years. We’ve killed countless thousands of people in their own countries. We’ve wasted $6 trillion that could have been spent in America for Americans. Since 2001, we accomplished absolutely nothing to maintain our own safety or theirs. 

Whether it’s the Taliban or insurgents or Al Qaeda—they are a bunch of mostly drug-addicted goat herders or sand rats in their own countries. Just leave them alone, let them be and get the hell out of their regions. The U.S. Military Industrial Complex created this entire war-hoax funded by the American taxpayers’ wallet. 

Let all those crazy, violence-prone religious nut-bags and their violent cultures have at it in their own countries. Let them figure it out or not. Just pay them for their oil and let them kill each other or create peace as they understand it. Not one more U.S. soldier needs to lose her or her life, or limbs in that most insane part of the world.

Second, stop all immigration into the USA for 20 years. We need to get our house in order before we add the projected 30 million more immigrants by 2030. We need to stop importing incompatible and violent religions that carry no respect for women’s rights, animal rights, free choice of dress, free choice of religion and freedom to choose one’s spouse. We all know that religion and what it does to degrade anyone it touches.

We do not need any more immigrants coming from countries that add 83 million more people, net gain, annually. We’re being inundated by their cultures, their languages, their religions and their world views. They aren’t Americans and they don’t want to be Americans. They’re here for the free ride. Or, to change us to be like them. Help them in their own countries, because, in the end, if they won’t practice birth control, no amount of immigration will save them as they add three billion more of themselves in the next 30 years. It’s absolutely insane to let them turn our country into what they created and fled in their countries.

Stop all illegal immigration by enforcing existing laws: US Code 8, Section 1324--it’s illegal to employ, transport or house anyone illegally in our country. Fine of $2,000 per illegal and up to 5 years in jail. Arrest employers, prosecute and jail them. Take all benefits such as schooling, medical care, food stamps and housing away from illegal aliens and their children. Once they have no standing or means to stay in this country, they may leave on their own dime.

Along with their sobering overpopulation levels, we do not want to add the projected 140 million more people to our country in 30 years to reach 440 million people. It’s simply national suicide if we continue on this path.

Vote a bill onto the 14th Amendment to stop the 300,000 women who birth their babies illegally on our soil annually and claim birthright citizenship. It’s a travesty against our citizens to pay for those babies, their mothers and their education K-12. We’re tired of it.

Third, we MUST create an educational system to educate our ghettos where 7 out of 10 children arrive without fathers. Our elite educators need to create educational systems such as separate boys and girls schools, mandatory discipline protocols, highly paid teachers and nutritional care. 

As robots become more dominate in the work force, we need to create jobs for low intellectual horsepower kids that may be redundant, yet pay a living wage. One note: all smart phones must be checked at the door before kids come into the school building. 

We must move students into vocational tech schools such as electrical, plumbing, woodshop, carpentry, cooking, mechanics, transportation and the like.

Fourth, we need a complete nutritional-exercise overhaul of food offerings in our food stores, fast food joints, our schools and our lives. Let’s face it. Seven out of ten Americans face being fat to grossly obese. We need to mandate all the junk food places like Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar’s, White Castle and others to stop selling the crap food they sell to unknowing buyers. And, mandate healthy, nutritional choices for all customers. It starts in the schools where healthy meals must be offered and not the sugary, caffeinated, chemicalized junk they receive in the lunch lines across this country. 

We need to offer exercise classes as a regular and normal part of every citizen’s daily routine. Swimming pools with classes, bicycle riding classes, Zumba classes, yoga classes, weightlifting, track, tennis, racquetball and just about every athletic activity possible for our young citizens in the making.

Fifth, we must move farmers away from Monsanto-Bayer-Dow Chemical’s poisoning our foods with sprays on the tops of crops or injected into the ground where they grow, or those God-forsaken GMO foods that contaminate and poison the entire natural world—along with us when we eat those Frankenstein foods. We need to mandate organic farming, organic foods and return to natural pest control with the correct combinations of flowers and crop rotations.

Sixth, stop all foreign aid to countries that do not like us, nor does that aid reach the poor people of their countries. Foreign aid: taking money from the poor people of a rich nation and giving it to the rich people of a poor nation. It does NOTHING to improve those people in those countries.

Seventh, we need to move away from fossil fuels and toward any and every alternative energy: wave, river, geothermal, wind, water and anything natural.

Eighth, we need to take our $23 trillion debt and start reducing it before it reduces us to complete economic meltdown.

Yes, we face dozens of other challenges. Write me and let me know what other ideas I can submit into the public viewing. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Happy New Year 2020 and God help us to make through this year in one piece.


By Frosty Wooldridge

Have you ever seen a country devolving, degrading and/or disintegrating right in front of your own eyes? One took at Canada would shock most Americans to see their major cities like Vancouver being taken over by the Chinese immigrants, and Toronto and Montreal no longer Canadian—but something ugly and foreign. One look at all of Europe shows their leaders bending over backwards to destroy their cultures, languages and quality of life----all by the hand of importing third world refugees by the millions.

Ironically those same refuges degrade, devolve and desecrate everything European. If you bring them out of the slums of Africa and the Middle East, they will, and they ARE destroying Europe. Read, The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray. It not only sickens you; it connects the dots on how it’s being done to America and Canada by their-our own leaders.

Well, look around America as to the same path, same systematic immigration patterns being forced upon our nation. If the current legal, illegal and refugee numbers remain for another 30 years---we don’t stand a chance of surviving as a viable civilization. We won’t survive it as to the sheer numbers projected at 110 million more added people, net gain, to our country. We won’t survive as to water shortages, energy exhaustion and depleted resources. We won’t survive as to quality of life and/or standard of living. If you think we will, or any member of Congress thinks we will survive, you and they are out of your cotton-picking minds. 

I just read the book, Blip by Christopher Clugston, one of the most brilliant minds in America as to resources. He point-blank shows you exactly how America will completely collapse by 2050 on our current course because we won’t possess the resources to sustain our bloviated population at 440 million people.

What more must be done in 2020 to save us from our fate?

Ninth, we need to track down all visa overstays and deport them, and any members of their families. We’ve got thousands of Nigerians, Ethiopians, Sudanese, Middle Easterners, Chinese, Indians, Brazilians and SO many more illegally violating our country. Enforce US Code 8, Section 1324 to get rid of them.

Tenth, pass Term Limits for all of Congress. Maximum of 10 years’ service and mandatory retirement, and go back to making a living on your own not taxpayers’ backs. We cannot afford to continue the incredible corruption and criminality of our Congressional leaders such as Nancy Pelosi, Charles Schumer, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, John Lewis, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Diane Feinstein and the list runs long on both sides of the aisle. We must mandate a Convention of the States by Article 5 of the Constitution: Term Limits, Balanced Budget and Mandatory Border Security.

Eleventh, no amnesty for the estimated 23 to 25 million illegal aliens. No DACA. Engage our laws to take away their ability as to jobs, housing and transportation. We don’t have to deport them as they will wind up leaving on their own dime when they cannot continue to use our jobs, welfare and schools for their illegal purposes.

Twelfth, NO MORE refugees! Stop all immigration. We cannot save the world, but we can and are destroying our country, culture, language and way of life. Those countries add 83 million, net gain, new babies annually, therefore nothing we can do will save them, but continued immigration will destroy us.

Thirteen, outlaw and prosecute over 500 U.S. sanctuary city mayors and city councils for breaking our laws as to illegal aliens being allowed to flourish and thrive illegally in those cities. It’s wrong, it’s illegal, and it’s against everything for which our U.S. Constitution mandates for a country of laws.

Fourteen, student visas must be slashed by 99 percent. We don’t need to educate all those foreign students and then, have them remain in our country. Let’s enjoy American cities with Americans, not the rest of the world taking up residence in our cities.

Fifteen, trust-bust Monsanto, Bayer and Dow Chemical for poisoning our entire food chain and promoting GMO’s that poison our bodies. Break their financial strangle-hold on our corrupt Congress.

Sixteen, mandate that the United States vacates the United Nations. It’s useless, it’s powerless, it’s done nothing for world peace and we, the American taxpayers refuse to continue funding that corrupt body of vacant egotists from 196 countries around the world.

Sixteen and a half, we must take all 700 bases out of 80 countries and bring them back home. We don’t need to rule the world with our military and bases. We have enough problems to solve back here.

(One point: in the first part of my “Quotes by our Leaders” column last week, January 9, 2020, I mistakenly said that Sam Rayburn gave the speech accusing Teddy Kennedy of having an affair on his yacht. The correct person who made the statement: Howell Heflin of Alabama. I hope you all got a chuckle out of that column. More to come!)

Seventeen, this past weekend, Sandi and I watched an incredible movie on what’s happening to America as to free speech. Adam Corolla, a liberal with no college degree, and Dennis Prager, a conservative with a college degree—and both radio talk jocks with over two billion I-Pod downloads last year, made a documentary on “No Safe Spaces”. In it, they showed how college kids are shutting down free speech and they shout down and commit horrific violence for anyone with opposing views. 

That’s the beginning of fascism, dictatorships and authoritarian government. The single most important amendment in our Constitution is the right to free speech. It may be messy, and some may not like it when it doesn’t go their way, but we MUST allow everyone to express their minds in America. They must be able to speak their minds on radio, print, TV and any other medium. 

In the end, hopefully, reason prevails. If not, we become another Communist China or Saudi Arabia or any other dictatorial construct. Prager and Corolla point it out that we must guard, treasure and fight for free speech. I stand with both men and every woman who stands for free speech in America.

Again, Mark Twain said, “Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress…ah, but I repeat myself.” That’s the reason for Term Limits in Congress!


By Frosty Wooldridge

If you want to feel the “heartbeat” of this nation, either write a bi-weekly column on a major news service website, and/or, interview on national radio stations. When you stick your nose out into the public sector, you receive praise and/or contempt no matter your honesty or integrity. Some people want to chop you to pieces. They call you names, degrade your family tree and would lynch you if given the chance.

My bi-weekly columns run on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp and many others. One guy by the name of Robert calls me every name in the book. He harangues my columns and curses me with every sentence. One guy from Mexico, “Comandante Pedro” promises to be easy on me when his friends take over California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. He will spare my life if I apologize for defending America.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve interviewed on George Noory, Jeff Rense, Chuck Wilder, Mark Snider, Jeff Crouere, Kevin Burns, Ernest Hancock, Don Jefferies, Deanne Spagnola, Zeb Bell, Richard Carpenter, Bill Handel, Peter Boyle and dozens of national radio talk show hosts from New York to Los Angeles. I interviewed once on NBC with Adam Schragger as to what America could expect if we add the projected 140 million more legal immigrants. THAT interview rocked the audiences that saw it. I hoped all Americans could see it, but NBC killed any further discussion. 

In fact, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and even FOX won’t touch the subject of legal immigration overrunning America with another 140 million people. In Mark Twain’s time, he called it “Silent Assertion” or the “Big Lie.” And that lie has held solid for the last 50 years. Even former Senator Teddy Kennedy’s “big lie” continues to manifest in fracturing this country. But the big corporations won’t allow anyone to give a dose of “facts” to the American public. I’ve attempted to interview on 60 Minutes, JNPR, PBS, Meet the Press and Face the Nation—with the facts of what another 140 million people will do to this country. Response: “Sorry, we can’t interview you.”

All the while, the immigrants pour into this country as if Hoover Dam broke wide open. Over 4 million last year entered the USA either legally or illegally, and their birth rates.

And, amazingly, 500 mayors and city councils across America legalized border jumpers with total immunity in their “Sanctuary Cities.” It’s almost beyond criminal that our own elected leaders in 500 cities chose to violate their oaths of office and the U.S. Constitution. I can share with you that none of what they are doing will end up well for Americans. If you read my last column on the book, BLIP by Christ Clugston, you understand that we cannot sustain the projected 440 million population by 2050. We’re guaranteed to collapse from lack of metal-mineral resources.

But each week, writers from across the country email me: “I only wish your articles were on front pages of New York Times , Washington Post and WSJ.”

This email should jolt you by a global airline pilot based in south Florida, “Yesterday I needed some items and went to Costco in Pembroke Pines. Sunday shoppers and crowded. The sobering reality of the situation hit me like a ton of bricks.  Twenty years ago, I moved North from Miami to southwest Broward to escape the crime, Latin, Haitian and Jamaican cultures that had overrun Miami. Out of hundreds of shoppers I only saw one other American. I passed her a couple times and we looked at each other making eye contact. I could see it in her face. The crowd in Costco went far beyond the typical Miami types. Yes, it is was far more diverse with burkas on the women, Orientals, ethnic Africans with many children, Indian and islanders. No whites. I heard at least 10 languages and very little English spoken.

“Southeast Florida is lost. None of these people are here to adopt our way of life. At check-out, I was pulling out my money to pay and just about all in the other lines are paying with government plastic.  Fifty percent of my income is taken at threat of a gun and redistributed to these people. Then the Communists in Congress tell me that there will be means testing for Social Security after they have given all the trust to these people who have never contributed to anything.  All of these refugees, evacuees, economic migrants and malcontents have their extended relatives hooked up on SSI with checks being sent all over the world to elders that have never even been in the country.

“All of this is by design and intentional. At the top is the Rothschild’s City of London debt/slave East/India Co banking Cartel.  Wealth extraction has reached a climax as the .001% want it all. USA is still the honey pot and the vermin and insects will keep coming because it is still better than the sewers, they have all come from. With the dollar constantly being stomped on by the FED, Americans have seen a constant increase to maintain their American Standard and now we are seeing cities fail as the working wages can no longer support the standard. This trend will continue and what is left will continue to be shared by all the newcomers.

“As an Airline Pilot, formerly TWA and now with the biggest carrier, my frame of reference goes back more than 30 years. All the cities globally I layover have all suffered dramatic drops in living standards as the population explodes unabated. London, Paris, Istanbul, Rome, Buenos Aries, Caracas, San Francisco, LA, Chicago and Miami to name a few. It is no longer safe for a White American in any of these places. I seldom leave the hotel any more as crews are frequently targeted.” 

Do you think America and Americans will survive the next 140 million immigrants? Do you think America will remain viable, sustainable or intact as a culture, language and a quality of life country? Me? On the radio shows, I tell it like it is…I think our country is doomed if we continue importing immigrants until they outnumber us. 

I hope “Comandante Pedro” goes easy on me when Mexico takes over the four border states.