We're entering the Disruptive Era.  Fake news isn't a meme it's the end of an Epoch; traditional "Main Stream Media" such as Associated Press, Reuters, the New York Times, and others - are Establishment enablers that attempt to enforce a global social control paradigm set forth by their owners, rather than engage in investigative journalism, and just good reporting.  Few news agencies such as the Wall Street Journal have remained intact with any integrity providing real value to readers.  Thus, a new generation of readers is forced to scrounge the internet and read sites like Zero Hedge, Seeking Alpha, Drudge Report, and others.

Disruptive Fare is a hybrid new paradigm combining real time actionable intelligence, investigative journalism, analysis, and data.  Disruptive news is what moves markets.  Material events, that may determine which direction the wind is blowing.  News that can impact your companies balance sheet.

Sources include economic data publishers, press releases, court cases, market feeds, and our internal journalism.

What is Disruptive Fare all about?

Analyzing and blasting some commonly accepted truths. Some truths are inconvenient for some people.


So here's the problem.  Mainstream media has become so biased it's no longer credible.  There are alternatives like ZeroHedge.com for example, a great site, and many others.  But they are few, they are spread out, and they are not all disruptive.