December 06, 2021

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Alien Phenomena

former 'men in black' confessions and predictions of what’s to come for humanity

The following commentary and video are quite interesting in regard to what was “predicted” years ago by Mr. Joseph Spencer who claims to have worked as “Man in Black” for the CIA, and was tasked to silencing UFO/alien witnesses, whistleblowers, and those who got too close to the truth about the Alien Agenda (which is actually what the New World Order really is). You will see that a lot of what he said it will happen many years ago, it already came to fruition. He also speaks about what it is being planned against humanity in the very near future, and why it is imperative that we stop the New World Order before it takes place.

Please watch and listen with an open mind. While some of these things have already come...

During his chat with Tucker Carlson, Rogan spoke about an “undersea dimension” to the whole UFO issue, which the US Navy has allegedly “pushed off to the side.”

As the release of the Pentagon’s...

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