July 19, 2024

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Alternative History

In September of 1985, after traveling to 57 countries, I was absolutely amazed to discover the ruins of a lost civilization in my own backyard.

The questions I'm most often asked about the ancient, megalithic monuments I found in Malibu are:

  • If this is real how come now one has ever reported it before?

  • Because no one was looking for it.

  • Why not?

  • Because, there is very little recorded history about this part of the world.

What little we do know comes from the Chumash Indians who lived in the area for about 5,000 years. Chumash legends recall the "First People" that died in a flood. They lived in a coastal valley called Mu, that...


According to my subterranean research, there was a vast global ancient underground tunnel system built by Giants before the Flood of Noah. This tunnel system is no doubt...

corresponding author

Yale, Skull and Bones, and the beginnings of Johns Hopkins

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