July 19, 2024

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Anti Human Abuses

A new paradigm has been born, uniting humanity as the globalist elites go after us regardless of color, creed, culture or wealth. Florida now stands out as the beacon of freedom and hope for the nation and the world.


There’s a word that everyone should know. It’s called “cooptation.” It basically means a change of ownership and direction of a social movement. A hostile takeover, one might say. And that’s what’s happened to the Left.

It’s actually not very complicated. The untouchable oligarchs who love to control our everyday lives, distort...

In order to "protect its allies against Russia," the United States performed biological weapons "experiments" on Ukrainian and Georgian soldiers, newly leaked documents show. Even though...

President Vladimir Putin claims that Russia now has proof that a bevy of senior politicians, Big Pharma corporations, and globalist billionaires were involved in a worldwide biolabs conspiracy in...

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