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Irans Ukrainian PS752 stupidity or False Flag to start World War 3 - 1/10/2020 -- A number of philosophies and the science of Quantum Physics, as well as Intelligence Analysis; have a common expression "There are no accidents" - a phrase abused by self-help gurus making a buck explaining to people that 2+2=4.  During the first 'wave' of Iran's response to the killing of their notorious warlord and leader, Iran lobbed 'tens' of missiles at US bases in Iraq and during the same moment, Ukrainian flight PS752 was shot down or bombed out of the sky.  All evidence points towards surface to air missiles, Russian made.  But no evidence suggests that it was the Iranians that launched it (why would they shoot down a plane with mostly their own people on it, during a day of retaliation for the slaying of their leader?).  

First, for those who are interested in the deep politicis of the situation, read this MUST READ spook analysis of who this guy really is and the history of the Iran-US conflict.  In a nutshell, Soleimani was responsible for many low brow tactics such as using women and children as human shields, teenage suicide bombers (telling them you will go to paradise if you die in the name of Jihad), and baiting Israeli attacks on schools and nurseries by using them as military bases (a nasty propaganda tool, when reporters see mamed babies in blood everyone feel solidarity for Palestinians).  Without getting into a local debate about Israeli politics, those with no skin in the game like most average non-Judaic Americans must understand there are two types of Muslims.  The non-violent kind are like Buddhists who want to be left alone to pray and enjoy their life.  The violent kind are aggressive, and believe the most holy life is "Jihad" in which you are legally (according to their laws) allowed to kill any non-Muslim, which can include lying, trickery, torture, deception, or mass murder.  Soleimani had operated in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, and other middle east theaters against the US.  Here is just one passage from the above analysis, again - this is a MUST READ if you want to understand the significance of this hit:

War of DeceptionQassam Soleimani was the embodiment of deception, a creative genius at the art of warfare, operating on the Shiite maxim that lying to a non-believer is not a sin but a virtue in defense of  umma, the community of faith. As a champion of asymmetric warfare, he was a master deceiver, but then again so is the Shiite Antichrist known as the Dajjal. At minimum, there's moral ambiguity in his career record, rather than the stark black-and-white portrait of duty and self-sacrifice being promoted to his fanboys in the Revolutionary Guard. The official biography presents this hardened murderer as a brilliant young officer in the 1980s Iraq-Iran War, specifically along the western front when Iraqi jets were spraying Iranian defenders with nerve gas secretly provided by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. That indeed might have seemed proof enough that the USA was a Satanic power, even though Rummie's secret authorization was in blatant violation of American law and congressional oversight. Despite a deficit in air power, Soleimani designed a counterattack based on maneuvers through the Kurdish highlands, outflanking the Iraqi ground force on the plains. The official biography omits the fact that Iran's brightest and best officer achieved his regular army troops' deep penetration maneuver by pinning down the Iraqi armored offensive with suicide bombings by Iranian teenagers. The mullahs promises these naive lads a reward of 24 virgins in the afterlife for blowing up the prized target. With that pleasant dream implanted in their tiny skulls, the Iranian boys crawled at night toward the Iraqi Republican Guard battle tanks and would jump aboard before pulling the cord to the detonator, that is, if they got past the automatic weapons fire. For a grown man to coerce a naive youth from some rural village with a cynical lie about a harem in the afterlife is an unforgivable sin, heaping shame on the war criminals who claim to be theologians. If this is "God's will", then what's left for the Devil?Of course, that cynical deceiver of children Soleiman never intended those youths to stop the Iraqi charm offensive. Their suicidal efforts, most of them being cut down by machine-gun fire, was a mere distraction, shifting away astounded enemy attention while the Iranian Army was infiltrating across the Kurdistan mountains deep into Iraq. The life-wasting ploy was awarded with career advancement. The deposed Shah, for all his crimes against political prisoners, never did anything comparable to that depraved level.

As others have pointed out, the US has a history of using fake or wrong evidence such as video footage released immediately after an incident.  Since the fake 911 show, there is reason to be suspicious of facts that fit the story almost too easily; for example in the case of 911 - although zero evidence from airplane passengers was found in the 911 rubble, passports of the highjackers were found lying on the ground by FBI in perfect condition.  Ok, so if it wasn't the Iranians, who was it?  Possible suspects:

  • CIA or Pro-CIA forces inside Iran
  • Israel, or Pro-Israel forces inside Iran
  • Russia, via electronic means, or via spies inside Iran (missile likely from Russia)
  • Rogue agent inside Iranian forces - not everyone is for global war with USA, and not every Iranian supports the government (including in the military)

There is absolutely no motive that it was the Iranians.  However if it was one of the above named suspects, Iran would have a big motive to blame 'technical failures' or just stupidity, without admitting that it was one of their own by purpose.  The last thing Iran would want to admit is they have weak security, or that there are anti-Iranian forces operating inside their country.  Information coming from Iran is suspect, but we do know that there have been anti-government protests for several years.  We're not suggesting here who was behind the plane attack, we are simply eliminating the most logical suspect: Stupidity.  Because it is the easiest conclusion to draw, and because of the timing, it does seem to indicate that there is more to this story than meets the eye.  If you look back in history, false flags like Pearl Harbor, 911, Gulf of Tonkin and others - all have a seemingly fitting story that's a 'case closed' as of the first reports of the event.  (This is a personal account, hours after the 911 attacks I remember receiving a phone call from an Italian Illuminati banker who had clients like the Catholic Church and several billionaires, who says "It was Bin Laden, we're going to war in Afghanistan."  which didn't strike me until years later, how did he know this at that time?  It was weeks before anything public surfaced as far as 'evidence' of attacks)

Perhaps the US attack on Soleimani was a threat to the growing axis between Russia - China - Iran (North Korea).  These countries are controlled by despots.  Now enter the world of Hypersonics, which both China and Russia have (or are developing).  For an idea of what this means, watch this CIA sponsored RAND promo video:

This is a game changer to asymetric warfare.  Another point on this topic, there is no way to protect yourself from Hypersonics, other than to 'fire back' and obliterate the enemy.  Of course, if there are any false positives, an exchange could start by accident.  There is only 6 minutes to decide.  ICBMS are 20 minutes - 40 minutes.  Not only that, but Hypersonics are so fast that they don't even need to be armed - just the impact from such a high speed would create a crater in the target city.  Now the big question is:  Will Putin share this technology and/or Nuclear technology with Iran?  We hope not.  But the US isn't being very helpful.  

In fact, Russia has been on the fence.  Instead of making Russia a partner, domestic policicians mostly Democratic and mostly Deep-State but also "NeoCons" Republicans and others, have isolated and abused Russia.  We have accused Russia of many bad things, we've done nothing to show Russia our intention of being an ally.  In fact, we have used Russia as a fake enemy so much that we have pushed them to be a real enemy - not in a hard way but in a way that they support the "Axis of Evil" Which is Iran-China-NorthKorea.  Russia is a neighbor and was forced there by sanctions and a cold US attitude.  America should have instead offered business partnership with Russia, exploring the Artic together for example, or building a land bridge highway between Novosibirsk and Alaska. 

Russians are Christians and have a shared culture and history with early Americans, being involved in both European and Asian politics, and have even helped the US at key times like during the Revolutionary War.

Anyway it's too late for Détente with Russia they have been pushed east too far and now we risk World War 3 at the mere press of a button - but in this case it wouldn't be Russia vs. USA directly it would be Russia supplying Iran with weapons and technology.  Could Putin really do this, knowing that he'd be risking losing Moscow and other major Russian cities?  Perhaps, but there are other scenarios.  Just like the US has war hawks, there are crazy war hawks in Russia, who could do it without even Putin's knowledge.  For example in Andreyeva Bay any terrorist group could have penetrated this lightly guarded perimeter and taken nuclear waste literally just sitting on the ground for decades in large quantities.  No, this wouldn't allow them to make a proper bomb, only a 'dirty nuke' but put this spent fuel on top of a bomb and it could make a major city uninhabitable.  Or in another scenario, the guards could have just sold it on the black market for $100 Million and go to Switzerland.  And as Trump has pointed out, Obama did give Iran billions of dollars (it wasn't a wire payment, it was released frozen money.  And it wasn't exactly $150 Billion, but the whole sum in question was far higher, according to Illuminati journalist David Rothkopf).

The politics here are important because it would have allowed Iran to buy such loose Nuclear fuel from cash starved Russian cadets who are not only paid coins to work they are also abused.  For those who aren't following what's really going on in Russia, recently a new recruit brutually murdered 8 of his abusers, who engaged in ritual hazing, physical and sexual abuse, sleep deprivation tortue, and other forms of psychological abuse.  The Russian army is hell and it's mandatory, not only they are poor they have an incentive to disobey their supervisors by doing something against protocols, like letting a shipment of Uranium pass by the inspector on it's way to Tehran.  In fact the discussion about Iranian development of their own Nuclear program is absurd.  In fact the Russians stole most of the key Nuclear knowledge through espionage and Communists in USA that were sympathetic.  

Instead of courting Russia on this topic, Democrats have pressed Trump into an end-game scenario whereby any positive relations with Russia will play into the Russia Hoax conspiracy theory that Trump is somehow Putin's puppet and/or that Russia has the capability to influence a foreign election.  If there are any sane officers in the deep state and intelligence apparatus, they should be speaking continually with Sergey Lavrov and his associates on this topic (known as 'backchannel').  This is a dangerous game they are playing here; Iran is not Iraq and cannot be 'toppled' so easily like Chile, Afghanistan, and other US client states.  In fact the history of the CIA's post World War 2 regime change playbook comes from Kermit Roosevelt's attempt at regime change in Iran, one of the few incidents which the CIA has publicly admitted the US was behind.

Oil politics have changed, making the stakes here even higher.  The US is not dependent on middle east oil anymore.  If oil spikes to $150 it will be good for oil producers everywhere, it's questionable what OPECs response would be in such a scenario.  The Iranians know they are no longer holding all the cards as far as oil is concerned.  In fact they are really grasping at straws.

One last point on Israel, American Jews should applaud Trump for this move instead of berating him, as the US has no skin in the game in the region.  Israel has a real existential threat being surrounded by 1 Billion + Muslims who mostly are not happy with their treatment of the Palestinians and their Muslim friends in the region.  But by partnering with Israel this is also now an existential threat for USA, with technology like hypersonics that could be delivered to Iran in a day by a single pissed off and abused Russian soldier.  Whether you suport Trump or are a TDS suffering liberal, this was a genius move slicing off the head of the snake with minimal effort.  Of course there can grow more snakes however Soleimani was experienced and trained in terror and significantly more dangerous than Osama Bin Laden (Trained by CIA), on top of which he had a budget and country behind him (Iran).

Perhaps by looking into who shot the plane down and why, we can begin to understand who wants this war and unwind their plans.  

Remember that World War 3 will be largely an asymmetric information war, so no assumptions should be made.  Considering the mainstream media in the US has been hijacked by special interests, we need to cultivate new sources of info which are unbiased, such as Zero Hedge (there are likely many, ZH has become a market leader).  

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