October 02, 2022

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A prominent Maryland doctor in charge of COVID-19 testing at Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport and elsewhere has been accused by federal prosecutors of overcharging Medicare and other insurers by more than $1.5 million.

Ron Elfenbein, 47, who was presented an award last August by Gov. Larry Hogan for his efforts during the pandemic, allegedly overbilled for COVID-19 tests in combination with "more lucrative, but medically unnecessary" services, according to a grand jury indictment reported by the Washington Post, which notes that these services "were purportedly of a 30-minute or longer duration, or involving moderate or high levels of medical decision-making, but did not in fact occur as...

From https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/brothers-abscond-4-billion-crypto-stolen-south-african-exchange

In a story that will sound familiar to anybody who followed the collapse of...

Since Bill and Melinda Gates first announced their divorce earlier this month, barely a day has passed without some unflattering new revelation, as the American media apparently scrambles to...

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