December 06, 2021

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"COVID-19 provided an opportunity to show that mRNA vaccines can work. Now, drug companies are racing to apply the technology platform for influenza"

Editor’s note: Funny how mRNA that we still don’t have long-term data for, as well as concerning short-term data for (no effect on spread, all-cause mortality up compared to 2020), proves that mRNA “works”.

Hot off the successful deployment of mRNA vaccines for the prevention of COVID-19, three leading drugmakers have moved seasonal flu vaccine candidates built with the technology into early clinical testing. More companies intend to follow their leads next year.

These candidates, if...

Despite $100 giveaways, offers of free hotel stays and home-delivered shots and a host of other incentives, millions of NYC residents still refuse to get the COVID vaccine. Since the reluctance...

Click to expand. Image source.

Commentary by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

The Globalists who control the world today are not politicians. Politicians are puppets, chosen...

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