Biden-Linked Jesuits Wrecked Arecibo SETI To Avenge Their LUCIFER Fiasco

A fiery desert sunset along the southwestern edge of the oil-rich Permian Basin enticed me to pull off into a rest stop along Highway 10 in west Texas. Over the next hour I watched the eerie horizon getting compressed into narrow bands of ever-deeper crimson. At its most intense phase before the purple fade into dusk, a small cloud raced toward the hellish inferno.

The shape of the cloud resembled a comical human figure, which I immediately recognized as Saint John of Patmos, author of the last book of the Bible "Revelations". The phantom in the sky bore a message in response to my disgust at how the 2020 presidential election was being stolen by that tired old spook Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris, the not-so pretty face of the Mexican and Colombian cocaine, heroin and opioid syndicate, which finances the California Democrat Party. It was heartening to know that the crusty tough-talking saint was on my side, promising that organized evil will get what's due in spades. Revelations is horrifying yet sometimes beautiful.

Despite his cheery promise of retribution, the rustic saint from the Aegean isle of Patmos, or at least a sky sketch of him, meant that a divine command is coming down to wipe out the evil-doers who by now comprise up to 80 percent of humanity, or even more, since so many are just faking goody two shoes innocence as cover for their indecency. The more the merrier; I won't be doing body counts the way my father did in the U.S. Army on the European front in World War II. Leave them wherever they fall to rot and feed the flies, since it's going to be far worse for them down in the torrid depths.

Cheered by the thought that goodness is not a fool's mission, I got back into my vehicle and proceeded westward toward Arizona, my destination being the Vatican Observatory and its LUCIFER binocular telescope atop the Pinaleno mountain also known as Mount Graham.

Arecibo Destroyed

This journey of field research and biblical contemplation began with the servicing of my vehicle in Orlando, done by a reputable mechanic. While there for a few days, I met an old pal to share some cans of Huck Finn beer picked up at the Mark Twain Brewery in Hannibal, Missouri. Robert mentioned that the Arecibo radio telescope had just been destroyed its overhead receiver, which fell due to a ruptured cable on Tuesday morning, December 1.

I peppered him with questions, including "Was it during a hurricane? Did a plane fly into the cable? Was it an accident during repair?" None of those plausible causes were involved, Robert asserted. On a calm morning, at 8 a.m., the steel hawser self-severed, perhaps due to an earlier rupture of an auxiliary cable.

The official story sounded like baloney to me, a former millwright at 2 major steel mills, who on the ground rigged cables in tandem with a crane operator to lift double-digit tons of heavy plate and casings for bearings the size of a car. Eye-bolts might unwind from their nuts, the safety latch on a hook might come loose, but in the mill's 90 years of operations not a single steel cable has ever snapped apart. Further proof is at the Golden Gate Bridge, which was built 60 years earlier than Arecibo and its cables remain in mint condition.

The notorious video drone that suddenly turned around from Tower 4 to zoom in exactly on the so-called cable rupture did not show a break in the steel hawser. Instead, the central cable connector plug was blasted out of the telescope receiver housing, a shown in these stills taken from that pre-planned video stunt. After sudden ejection of the cable plug, small pieces from inside the housing are shot out with the fumes churning out of the blasted plug.

The Arecibo receiver exploded from within. Since there are no flammable materials, not even the fire-proofed plastic wire coverings, inside the receiver; no old-style vacuum tubes or other sources of heat; and presumably the power output had been idled after the earlier auxiliary cable snap, the obvious source of the blast was an explosive deliberately placed to terminate Arecibo.

So agreeing that the cover story was full of holes, Robert mentioned that over the past two years Arecibo has been operated by University of Central Florida (UCF), located just down the street from where we sat, in Orlando. UCF took over the radio-telescope operations from the National Science Foundation (NSF) back in early spring 2018.

So I sent an email to the Physics Department, asking a few questions, among them the role in the UCF transfer of Jesuit astronomer George Coyne, a Vatican liaison with close relations to the NSF and NASA, which is nearby at the Cape Canaveral launch center. Father Coyne was a longtime consultant to UCF Physics, which was new to astronomy but eager to get into the aerospace technology opportunities for its students and faculty.

Not only did a response to my query never arrive but all online mention of George Coyne's connection with UCF was scrubbed from the Internet. The motive therefore had something to do with scientific rivalry between the CIA-NASA-Jesuit nexus and Catholic UFO-logists striving for contact with aliens, presumably angels. This covert struggle for the heavens is therefore strategic, cosmological and most of all religious. Amen. So once again, here we go loopty loo and there they go loopty LIE.

Alien Instrusions

While waiting back at the garage the wheel shimmying was being corrected, the suspension set to straight ahead instead of veering right, the transmission flushed and oil changed, I phoned a friend in New York state to get his opinion of the Arecibo disaster. When I mentioned the mystery of the Jesuit astronomer, my buddy bubbled over with wild talk about the Vatican Observatory in Arizona built on a sacred peak that the native tribe claimed was a intra-galactic docking point where aliens had arrived to this planet, according to tribal oral history. Look up Tom Horn on the web, Mark added with great enthusiasm. Mark's final comment was that the Vatican's telescope on Mount Graham is called LUCIFER. That was the hook right into my idle brain, because if the Devil's involved I'm changing travel plans and going to Arizona, which is sort of a hell on Earth.

From a motel outside New Orleans, I looked up web citations on the late Fr. Coyne, sizing him up as a devious rascal, who held his cards close to the chest. Long based at the University of Arizona department of astronomy, Coyne was accepted by colleagues at NASA and the NSF as a fellow mainstream scientific purist without compromise to holy scripture. To famous quote him: "One thing the Bible is not is a scientific textbook. Scripture is made up of myth, of poetry, of history. But it is simply not teaching science." Straight out of the duplicitous handbook of the CIA, which would like nothing better than more alien technology. Remember Operation Paperclip.

Under the guise of secular science, I sensed skullduggery of the occult type in Fr. Coyne's pretense of innocent ignorance of native heritage. During site planning for his Diablo-scope on the Pinalena Mountains, Coyne tenaciously resisted the San Carlos Apache complaints with casual off-handed insults about superstition not getting in the way of science. This is a classic case of denialism, pretending not to recognize your own obsession. Jesuits always do their homework. It's because of the Apache-alien connection that LUCIFER was installed on that site, a gateway for the gods, or in Christian parlance, the angels.

If visitations by space travelers are not a factor in astronomy on Mount Graham, then what about comet that guided the Three Magi to the child Jesus born of a virgin mother? Was that just another outlandish myth to the high-brow Jesuits? Unwittingly, Fr. Coyne did genuine Christians an immense favor by openly expressing what his Jesuit order is really about, political connivery and self-advancement in the materialist economy, or to put is succinctly subversion by the CIA thugs. The last thing in the world that these political operatives intoxicated with political power and illicit wealth desire is the promise of God, to reclaim his kingdom on Earth from Alpha to Omega, the entire burrito.

Fear of the prophecy from Patmos could well explain the OSS kinship with the Nazi SS leadership forged by Allen Dulles, the transfer of advanced weapons technology under Operation Paperclip, the so-called Space Race "against" the other Jesus deniers in the Orthodox Christian realm called the Soviets, and the more recent fanatical rush to create bizarre vaccines, all just preparation in defense against the angelic host. These sons of Prometheus are holding all of humanity hostage at needle point. Dare you descend Archangel Michael, sir, we will put down all your believers in mass graves on an island in New York. If so, that would make the Jesuits, and by extension the Vatican, no more than minions of their true monarch, Satan.

The fear of final judgment

The will to abuse a religious calling for the purpose of secular power was exemplified by Saint Francis Borgia (the actual namesake of the current pope rather than Francis of Assissi), who was the grandson of the morally bankrupt whore-mongering Pope Alexander. Francis Borgia served in the Spanish Army before assuming the noble title of Superior General of the Society of Jesus IHS. The Borgias were, of course, the most devious back-stabbers and poisoners in European history, when the Jesuits were meanwhile busy with the unholy work of running the Spanish Inquisition, destroying Mayan civilization, introducing slavery to the New World under the control of Jewish conversos, and teaching the Manchu emperors to keep the Chinese peasants foot-bound to serfdom.

As suspected by Martin Luther and other devout Christians aka the Protestants, the Jesuits and, by association, the Vatican is not primarily a religious body but rather than a system of mass control on behalf of insane monarchs, screwball aristocrats and dictators. Not a lot has changed since other the facade of elections. The exemplary life of Jesus teaches instead humility, compassion, healing and encouragement of downtrodden people to rise above their toil and suffering with dignity and faith against the powers and principalities, and by God and the Holy Ghost, give them the right to vote in a fair election.

As for the scientific outlook, God is at the least a necessary myth, the only effective barrier preventing billions of our species from reverting to cannibalism, mass murder of the neighbors, customary rape and sexual abuse of children on the killing fields of Cain. Yet similar to the relationship between a physical computer and its unseen operating system, thought one many not be able to see the Supreme Being, or the omnipresent mind as called by the Buddhist, there is a cognitive center, a supra-intelligence running this Universe, along with parallel multi-verses and other dimensions beyond paltry human reach.

The possibility of direct contact with that universal mind-spirit is rare because the "software" exists in another dimension. Being apes, we tend to put a human face on God, when He is probably pure energy, constantly flowing yet also unmoving. That is a state of energy beyond our limited experience as an Earth-bound species. Does an earthworm in your backyard have the slightest conception of what you're kitchen is about? At least not until you put it onto a fish hook. That analogy holds, since it's the moment of death that awakens one to the other side.

In a discussion with an Indian mathematician about his tradition Satyendra Nath Bose (who wrote the math equations for the theory of relativity, stolen by the plagiarist Albert Einstein), I asked how many dimensions are there in this Universe. His answer was "At minimum six, with two of those being of very small scale, and up to 16 at most."

Since up to 12 other possible dimensions are not bound to the space-time continuum, there is a possibly of one or more can provide a bypass from one part of our Universe to another, nearly instantaneously, sort of like an express elevator as compared to the fire escape, but instead of descending, it hops, skips and jumps past insignificant lengths of space-time.

My last farewell in Orlando was to a female psychic who is the most perceptive reader of the Bible that I've ever encountered. After briefly discussing the fall of Arecibo, I asked her: "What is the essence of Saint John's Revelations?" Her answer consisted of one word: "Portals."

Off to See Lucifer

Cloudy, rainy, freezing weather across Texas and New Mexico blocked progress due to icy roads. Earlier in south Texas, the rains found me chasing prairie chickens down dirt roads, where my vehicle was blocked by a flooding creek and while backing up, one of the fires got stuck in the mud. A half mile's walk away, I found a young farmer in his barn whose truck towed the vehicle clear, a favor for which I gave him a case of beer in return. Were these delays the workings of Satanic spells or just lousy weather? I certainly would have appreciated some global warming.

Then a brilliant sunrise at last opened the horizon to Arizona, with parts along the borderland being idyllic scenes with flocks of red-crested cranes prancing across cotton fields. Closer to my goal, the environs became grim, with a vast copper mine gashed into a mountainside outside of Safford, the gateway to LUCIFER. Closing in, I passed a COVID-closed Old West tourist trap and then the Federal Prison at the base of the Pinaleno Mountains.

Dozens of hair-pin turns twisted hrough mesquite scrub and then into forests of pine. Along the way I met a camper who had wintered in this part of the Coronado National Forest over the past several years. He mentioned "There are hundreds of subspecies of trees and shrubs up near the top; nowhere else in the West has that much biological diversity."

From its base at 2,000 feet above sea level, I drove past the 8,000 mark when a burly Apache road worker flagged me down to explain, "You've just got a mile to go but the upper part is closed today for trimming trees and the gates at the summit are locked." Huh? What the? Noticing my disbelieve the native fellow advised, "The White Mountains, up in the Mescalaro Apache reservation, is way better than here. Much better to stay in the White Mountains." His tone of concern for my well-being and sanity was sincere, meaning that the malfeasance up top is worse than I could ever imagine.

Tom Horn and Chris Putnam, who uncovered the Vatican's LUCIFER mystery (see them on Youtube), were spot-on about something fishy going on atop Mount Graham and that the San Carlos Apache were fully justified in their opposition to Vatican Observatory construction. According to their Apache legends, the Pinaleno ridge is a portal where gigantic aliens once descended to Earth and started to dine on the cave-dwelling natives, a tale that resonates with the Watchers in the Book of Enoch, and in the identical time-frame.

Uranium Peak

If portals were not a priority, why then did the Jesuit astronomers choose Mount Graham, elevation 10.700 feet (3,300 m), when there are so many taller peaks in dark zones (without city lights) across the deserts of the Intermountain West? The city of Safford down below had to install special low-output street lights down below to accommodate the astronomers. Plus other mountain ranges are easier to navigate since the Pinaleno has the steepest incline of any mountain in North America. Due to rapid ascent on the tilted roadway, my ear drums were clogged forcing me to swallow cola and the soda bottles were puffing up like balloons.

And what is the connection to Satan in the acronym LUCIFER, which clumsily resembles the full name of the deep-space telescope, Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera Integral Field Unit for Extra-galatic Research." Whew, reading that is a chore. Extra-galactic, eh? Didn't the clairvoyant back in the Florida say something about portals?

The answer came when, totally disappointed and depressed, I walked around just below the peak of Mount Graham, poking around for any sign of the abnormal. That's when I noticed my feet and hands were becoming hot and itchy, triggering my Fukushima-research instincts. I whipped out my handy dosimeter to discover 0.60 milliSievert readings, as high as inside the Japanese nuclear exclusion zone. (The original standard for a safe dosage was 0.11 mSv prior to the Fukushima cover-up.) My still camera also affected, overexposing shots, a malfunction which I could not be certain as being due to UV rays in the thin air at 9,000 feet or the effect of gamma rays.

I spotted a piece of pine bark on the ground and it measured in the 0.40 mSv range, and the dead mid-size trees on the slopes indicated a limit to vegetal growth due to accumulation of radionucleotides from the moisture and runoff water. Most of the trees appeared to be either young and super green, while the taller trunks were sickly, affected by some sort of poisoning. The camper was right about variations of what appeared to be subspecies, although I could not be certain whether these were due to radioactivit effects on DNA or the result of surface "burning" by gamma rays. I started to wonder whether the bowel cancer that killed Fr. Coyne might have been due to radioactivity exposure on Mount Graham.

Between a Satanic rock and a hard place

That's when I noticed the rock face was greenish, like serpentine, a uranium decay product, intermixed with granite. The most-radioactivity emitting stone was green speckled inside white crystal, probably proactinum, a uranium derived mineral with a half-life of more than 30,000 years. Come to think of it, I saw a lot of crystals of bismuth, another Ur decay product sold in local rockhound shops. Then it dawned on me about the camper's comment, the cause of the vast diversity of flora subspecies on this mountain is radioactivity-caused genetic mutation. It must also be happening to the astronomers up top.

Uranium, atomic number 92, is so dense and heavy as to be found normally resting deep underground on bedrock, it is unusual to find a lode of uranium-derivative stones at the top of a 10,000 foot peak, meaning that it was lifted from a super-powerful geological upthrust from the deepest depths.

This escape from the underworld immediately brought to mind another literary cultural-based "revelation", those passages from John Milton's "Paradise Lost" that describe Satan's underground realm glittery with gems and his character as "adamantine", a hard rock related to corundum (for sandpaper) and rubies, which are abundant in Arizona. Cleverly with that mineral, Milton implied the sinfulness in human character was due to Adam's hard-hearted pride, a character flaw our species, learned and possibly biologically inherited from Satan who took the form of an alien in reptilian-like armor in the Garden of Eden in his seduction of Eve.

Are we beginning to see that, properly combined, science and cultural narrative (myth) can form a greater whole, enabling us to comprehend processes far beyond imagination and outside of our puny technological archive?

The Vatican Observatory, then, is a homage to the Devil himself, or more properly put, the Archangel Satan, former right-hand enforcer of God, who sent his most intelligent servant to colonize Earth and rule over it as a king. (Note that the Jewish record is silent about angel lore, and it took the early Christians to disclose this, the most hidden secret.) Yet how could an omniscient Divinity get it so wrong, by failing to anticipate Lucifer's rebellion and poisoning of mankind with a toxic bite of an apple from the tree of knowledge?

Or was that part of the larger plan? Earth as a chess board and Lucifer as a skillful opponent, a grandmaster of the power game? Knock him off his throne to squeeze more creativity out of his clever mind in pursuit of his naive human quarry. If the Angel of Light is so much closer to us on Earth than a far-off Father divine, we're mere pawns being given a loyalty test. The weak-hearted ones sign up with Satan gladly, while the stronger souls must strain their brains and will power beyond the limits to resist the siren song of evil. To the grandmasters, pawns can sometimes be played to win the match so our species is therefore not totally detritus in the cosmos.

The brighter ones among the deceitful evil doers realize their advantage is to cozy up closer to Lucifer with aim of sweeping away the few good pawns on the chessboard, to end the game with God forfeiting Earth to his rebellious minion. In contrast, the sheep to slaughter have to hold on to an iota of hope for their species to survive the butcher cleaver. The game of good versus evil is won or lost by so very little.

How can an astronomer get a wireless phone connection with Satan without God's approval or knowledge? By setting up a pay-wall and using a VPN. That would explain why the Pinaleno-Graham ridge was chosen as site. The gamma radiation streaming from its trans-uranic rock-face can obscure the LUCIFER's companion radio-telescope's signal beamed up to another planet or a near galaxy such as Andromeda, to connect with Satan without risking God's angry response, who figures the radioactive haze is just the Cloud.

Revelations provides the clearest narrative of the Battle of Angels, between Archangel Michael's detachment and Satan in the guise of a dragon. The origins of this primordial battle, which occurred prior to the rise of humankind, is not explicitly stated by the Jewish prophets, at least that common folk and biblical scholars are aware of, even if my Basque teachers at Catholic school in Japan insisted on the veracity of the legend in the Jewish tradition and from during (and after) the Babylonian captivity. Other than those brave brothers, to the Catholic faithful the war of angels remains out of reach.

Certainly, the Book of Daniel from the Babylonian captivity period mentions the angel Michael three times, whereas Israel-based prophets limited their angel lore to cherubim as little protective escorts of God. The Hindu-Buddhist tradition has many categories of winged spirits, from the avenging asuras as punishers of demons in the lower realms to gandharvra, celestial musicians, indicating that angel lore was introduced to the earliest Christian era by the Magi and during the spiritual training of the youths John the Baptist and Jesus in the Near East and likely the Kashmir region under Magi tutelage. Jedi = Magi, get it?

Once the chess match is over, watch out for the Four Beasts and Four Horsemen versus the Avenging Angels, all of them teleported down to ground zero for a war of annihilation, inflicting massive collateral damage against humans on either side. Most Bible scholars agree that this was a primordial existential conflict, an extended metaphor, nearly Manichean in the absolute difference between goodness and obedience to God versus pride and power-mongering. Also unclear is whether Saint John of Patmos meant whether this war of angels, noble and fallen, is a continuous struggle outside the normal bounds of time and place, in a moral, spiritual and physical war. Then again, it could be just around the corner, in the last days. Onward Christian soldiers!

Time Frame of a Portal

Now comes tough going. Tom Horn is correct in stating that the oral history or cave paintings from many cultures around the world, completely disconnected and sealed off from each other, indicate alien visitations along with space detritus including monstrous beasts in the time-frame between 6,000 BC to the adulthood of Jesus around 20 AD. Then then the inter-dimensional portals suddenly closed practically in unison, leaving Jesus to ask in desperation on the cross: Father, Father, why have you abandoned me? (The modern politically correct version of his plea being: My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?)

Therefore the virgin birth of the Buddha and 700 years later of Jesus at Bethlehem are within that time limit, when fertilization of an ovum by an alien father was indeed possible, before the world became secular, devoid of spirit intervention.

Sex with angels also had its more degenerate possibilities as discovered by Lot during his reconnaissance of Sodom, or for that matter Eve's relationship with that reptilian-armored alien, which resulted in the birth of Cain who murdered his half- brother Abel. The legacy of alien-human coitus and sodomy remains a perverse curse upon humankind to this very hour and minute. This explains why John of Patmos so vociferously denounced the Whore of Babylon, the female alien Ishtar who seduced men as a rite of worship.

Anyway, sicko nun porn aside, what this time-frame indicates is that portals are opened and then closed due to the alignment of specific regions of our Universe with certain dimension(s) on the other side. This doorway likely requires the dissolving of the gravity barrier of our bubble with an interaction of matter (here) and antimatter (there), which explains the Vatican Observatory and CERN's obsession with antimatter. Pop goes the balloon and things go flying in and out. The transport system is probably not with another cosmos but through a corridor into a distant part of this same Universe, which would then be consistent with our received notion of God being the creator or creative force of this realm and angels flying in from the heavens.

In this model of inter-galactic transport, Revelations would indicate barrier ruptures are more frequent than we assume, and indeed that 6,000 years of alien contact may actually have been brief encounters every 1,500 or 2,000 years apart. If so, we are right on schedule for angels storming in to catch up on what happened to Jesus and his followers, which means there will be hell to pay for sinners. Or at least hope so. Allow me a few moments to appeal for an optimal outcome, revenge served as cold as deep outer space. Deliverance, how sweet it is!

The View from Castel Gandolfo

Apparently Pope Benedict XVI, an old-school relic, was outraged at the impudent Fr. Coyne for the ludicrous acronym LUCIFER, forcing his resignation and exile to the Jesuit-run Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY, in 2006, assigned to teach religious ethics. It was a waste of a brilliant mind, even if for his own moral benefit as a priest and credentials at NASA-CIA. Superficially, for public decency, the then Pope had his henchmen accuse Coyne of opposing Intelligent Design theory, which implies a divine role behind the Darwinian theory of evolution.

After his "retirement" due to financial scandals, Benedict has resided at Castel Gandolfo in Tuscany, which happens to be the global headquarters of the Vatican Observatory. So it is becoming clear that Pope Francis is the pontiff of fallen Earth, while Benedict is the pope of the glorious rest of the Universe aka the Heavens. Yes, the gray-locks wizard in "The Lord of the Rings" is identified with Castel Gandolfo and the Papacy.

It is astonishing how watered-down this sort of controversy has been by a compliant media and house intellectuals, as if the Holy See needs to be coddled and its donors dissuaded from becoming Calvinists. Coyne was replaced by the Argentine Jesuit father Jose Gabriel Funes, Pope Benedict's man who put a different spin on the Quest as not a summit with a skeptical Lucifer but a sharing of notes with nice aliens called angels, to assure us that God is benevolent and still in control of the Universal Operating System. Although somewhat facetious, I use that term to point out that without the unseen role of software, hardware cannot function. Ghost in the Shell, and all that.

Funes has been a board member of METI (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence), which is part of the SETI consortium, which has sponsored signaling alien civilization via Arecibo radio-waves. METI, founded by clinical psychologist Douglas Vakoch, a Notre Dame graduate now based in San Francisco, takes more aggressive approaches to communicating with alien civilizations, which probably have zero trust in homo sapiens (a proven exterminator of near-human intelligent species along with our own kind).

Vokoch has focused much of his research on what happens at contact, how to establish a basis for trust-building, as opposed to say the Christopher Columbus and Hernando Cortez approach to proper etiquette toward native Indian tribes. Remember always in this game that it was the Jesuits who dismantled the Mayan civilization, haul off its artifacts to basements in Europe and put their children into brainwashing centers called missionary schools, convents and agrarian peonage. The essential problem of alien relations continues to be cultural transmission aka psychological conquest, through the gun and by the book, before the rape of the economy.

In an interview with an Italian magazine, Father Funes pondered whether aliens are free from Original Sin. He's right about other intelligent creatures not falling for the tainted apple trick. Ah women, the unfair sex, but that's another chapter of the Bible and nowadays in the era of the feministadom, Eve's dancing with the Devil is like cozying up to the hubby's boss. Kidding aside, the point is whether the descendants of Adam, the children from the Fall of Man, can be trusted by intelligent creatures who have never known sin. You know the right answer to that. Earth should be quarantined precisely to prevent the annihilation of intelligent life across the cosmos, or soon we'll be exporting vapes to Andromeda.

Excuse me for editorializing, but someone has to be the goat in the sheep herd, or perhaps a skunk at the picnic. The great unspoken here about the first two chiefs of the Vatican Observatory is that the prior serious sustained attempt at Contact with aliens was by Nazi-allied Vril Society and specifically the beautiful clairvoyant Maria Orsitsch, whose conversations with an alien civilization remain under wraps by the heavy-handed OSS-CIA thought police.

The retired pope Benedict-Ratzinger, being a former Nazi Youth member, is obviously aware of this unfortunate turn of events, a sort of an American neo-Inquistion run by the CIA-linked Jesuit order. An Argentine aka Peronist like Fra Funes would be seen as an enemy of the CIA, if one recalls the hushed-up activities by his Germanic fellow Argentine citizens in and under Antarctica.

So there you have it, a hidden scientific controversy waged with taking down observatories or "temporarily" blinding them, as I was to encounter on Mount Graham. From this angle, George Coyne was one of the Agency lads, loyal to Paperclip secrecy and promoter of secularist propaganda under the cover of pure science, whereas Funes was part of the Continental school of weirdness, which goes back to the occultist Hapsburg Emperor Rudolf.

So the removal of Funes in 2015 from the Vatican Observatory, to be replaced by a Coyne clone, shows that Pope Francis is under the spell of the Agency, Kissinger's boy since the Dirty War in Buenos Aires and now buttressed by agent Joe Biden. (I noticed that my article is in a Bing censorial limbo perhaps because of its title "Biden Is A Brutal Enforcer Of The Jesuit-Illuminati Globalist Warmongers." ) I appreciate such confirmation as showing I hit the bull's-eye.

From this end of the analytical fulcrum, it now becomes perfectly clear why Agency operative Coyne named the binocular telescope "Lucy", as in the Sky with Diamonds, which was to tease out the not so hidden Nazi leftovers at the Vatican, and in predictable German fashion Pope Benedict took the bait. That said, is there any chance of me being invited for a whale-watching cruise in Antarctic off Tierra del Fuego? Yes, I know, only to feed the orcas.

The present director of the Vatican Observatory is Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, a American student of the late Fr. Coyne. For his mission of cleaning up the mess left by the intelligent design controversy and focusing on less ambitious astronomy, One of his discoveries was locating a chip off the block called Vesta, a massively cratered proto-planet between Mars and Neptune. Its unusual brightness is due to its reflective basalt surface, not the metallic skin" of a space station. The blog UFO Sightings Daily run by Scott Waring claimed of spotting two "diamond ships" parked by the crater. I strongly encourage him to ride one of Elon Musk's rockets to examine these "alien" transporters. That chip asteroid strongly resembles King Tut's coffin, so be sure to pick it up on your way back, Scotty, and we will beam you up. My advice to astronomers, especially Brother Guy, is stay low to the ground and save the better work for moonless nights when nobody's watching.

Four Popes - An Apocalyptic Scenario

Confession is in order here in disclaimer that my sense of humor is not meant to challenge the doctrines of any faith group, including the Catholic.Church or at least its honest to goodness congregations. My religious background is a triplicate of Buddhism (whose teachings were adopted by John the Baptist and Jesus during his "wilderness" meditation ordeal); Catholic primary education in Los Angeles and Kobe, Japan (with many hours spent contemplating the Stations of the Cross); and Protestantism, working at a seminary in Northern California and writing Easter plays for a local church. This background tends toward seeing similarities rather than differences between Christian sects and different religions, but also realizing the evil lurking beneath the pious surface.

My attitude of openness and tolerance, with a touch of ironic humor, is however now being tested by that vision of Saint John of Patmos indicating a day of reckoning is fast approaching. AS much as wish it wasn't happening, he Mother Church, that is the Roman Catholic institution, is at the center of an impending crisis with horrifying outcomes for those who have in their hearts and behavior have abandoned the core Christian values of kindness, goodness and other practices of moral conduct., along with genuine faith in their heartrs. Christendom has sunk to the lowest level of moral depravity ever, but the present problem is that corrective measures have not been leading toward a revival. To the contrary, Christianity is probably now in its worst crisis of faith since its founding.

The loss of sexual restraint and compromise of gender roles points to his warnings about the Whore of Babylon, which can be understood in two ways. First, the temple prostitution in Ishtar worship reduced sexuality to a tradable commodity; and second, the rise of perversity then and now, in our pornographic culture. It goes farther. In Hong Kong following the Second Iraq War, I saw viewed some perfectly preserved Babylonian etchings on basalt panels, of young male servants eagerly welcoming home their lord to his castle. Nude, they had long curly locks and beards, running around preparing a feast to be followed by homosexual frolicking. In the ancient world, women were for reproduction, while boys were for pleasure. The sculpture gave some insight into the Prophet Daniel's criticism of the decadent Babylonian court and reasons for its downfall.

What survived the fall of Babylon was astronomy, adopted by the order of Magi, among whom the three wisemen at the Nativity of Jesus, and on the dark side pedophilia. Several of the early church fathers confessed their youthful sexual frolicking, among them Saint Jerome who admitted to belonging to a circle of sodomites, and Augustine of Hippo who was self-critical of being a stage actor in apparently lewd performances and later denounced the Near Eastern goddess-worshiping religions which demanded the castration of young male followers to become transexual priestesses for temple sex.

The transsexual cults, of course, survived inside the Catholic Church, as shown by Vatican patronage of castrati singers and the constant choirboy issue. It is in this perspective that John of Patmos warned the young men of the emerging Church to struggle against sexual perversion, which is the trigger issue for the coming final hours of destruction by Four Beast descended from the skies, Four Horsemen and a host of avenging angels enforcing God's commandments. I raise these otherwise unspeakable issues now, since from the evident heresy is beyond even the direst predictions of Revelations in this time of the four popes.

The Four Popes

Notably, Saint John of Patmos did not predict the rise of a sole all-powerful Antichrist, as many are now mistaken to assume, but instead wrote about several "antichrists" plural. That prophecy is being fulfilled by the present Four Popes. The divisive situation is far worse than the dual rival popes during the Avignon papacy. The present multiplication of papal authority shows the utter weakness and hypocrisy of the "Sanhedrin of Satan" that John castigated. The four tenors of heresy include the following spiritual and temporal miscreants.

First, Pope Francis enthroned at the Vatican, better known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the last rites priests of doomed Argentine youth tossed out of helicopters into the South Atlantic. As the nation's top Jesuit, he collaborated with the Franco-style Person-inspired military fascists during that nation's dirty war, conducted for the benefit of the arch-diabolical satanic goat Henry Kissinger. Blessing the slaughter of innocent lambs qualified him to be an agent of the Illuminati cabal.

Now simultaneously, ensconced at the papal summer palace in Tuscany, there's the "retired" pope, the dictatorial Benedict XVI, born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger, whose dark past included his membership in the Nazi Youth. His rather extraordinary resignation was due to misappropriation of funds and Mafia connections at the Vatican Bank and its various fronts. Benedict is closely linked with the Opus Dei cult, whose members in the White House betrayed Donald Trump, enabling the Jesuit ballot fraud to succeed.

Third, the Black Pope as the Superior General of the Society of Jesus is called, the Caracas-born Fr. Arturo Saso, the leading supporter of the late military dictator Hugo Chavez and his corrupt successor Nicholas Maduro, who have been robbing the nation's poor along with the rich under a neo-fascist system prettified by the rubric of liberation theology. Technically, according to the military code of the IHS, Francis aka Bergoglio must still take his marching orders from his Superior General Fr. Sosa. Venezuelan military intelligence is already on American soil, disguised as Colombians and harbored by the Jesuits in preparation for the armed occupation of the USA in support of Black Lives Matter and the Latin American drug syndicates, along with the Democrat traitors.

Fourth and not least is the newly anointed Pontiff Maximus of the USA, Joseph Biden, whose secret authority is based in the Jesuit-controlled CIA of Vatican controller James Angleton, Allen Dulles, William Donovan, Bill Casey, George Tenet, and, yes, Timothy Leary (whose research contributed to the mental health of old Joe and Hunter). This CIA papist intriguer, whose ballot theft was funded by the cocaine-and-opiod syndicates via Kamala's California Democrat leadership (does the CIA deal in drugs? Hah! Did Air America fly from the Golden Triangle?) Old Pope Joe is a leading member of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, sworn to defend the Papacy in the interest of Central Intelligence. He is also a close friend of the Rothschilds and their handmaiden Mike Bloomberg.

Need we say more about the Synagogue of Satan? John of Patmos coined that term, which has yet to go out of style.

Restart the Reformation

Why the Christian faith in peril today can be summed up In one word, compromise.Terms like ecumenism, fellowship, and even charity have diluted doctrinal imperatives and diverted righteous action away from mission, which is not primary to rescue lost souls but to struggle for a society based on the values espoused by the teachings and practice of Jesus, so that people are not held captive to Satanic vices.

Hard-core atheists have cleverly abused the Constitution from any expression of the core values of church and state, from disallowing prayer at football games to eliminating the Pledge of Allegiance. The USA is under occupation by the haters of the Holy Trinity. The campaign to restore American political values and its religious-based ethos should not be deterred by clever legal arguments, and certainly the Supreme Court and federal courts should be warned to desist from satanizing this society in league with organized evil, like that shameless witch Ruth Ginzberg.

The utterly false politically correct pseudo-ethic has paralyzed the mainstream Protestant denominations and has reduced these united states to the pre-industrial level of a Third World banana republic. Face it, Joe Biden should be ousted, tarred and feathered, and sent packing off to his masters in the Illuminati. Avenging angels have no tolerance toward demons, be clear about that.

This is the moment to recall and study the lives of Jan Hus, Martin Luther, Jean Calvin, John Knox and the many other exemplars of the true faith, and before them, of course, the Apostles who courageously faced the brutality of the pagan Roman Empire, John the Baptist and, most of all, Jesus of Galilee, Christ our Lord. The Kingdom of God is built on the faith and action of martyrs and heroes.

Our battles today are against a formidable diabolic foes who illegally took control of the While House. These minions of Satan will soon launch a full-scale assault on churches, begun with the COVID shutdown, and as they've already done to the public schools. The faithful cannot just sit at home awaiting the angels. In the meanwhile, the faithful must hold their ground fearlessly and counterattack without fear or pity. Instead of a sectarian reform, as in past history, Catholic congregations that stand with God against mortal leaders who have failed them should be welcomed by Protestants as faithful fellow Christians.

The Peace of Westphalia, which partially ended the wars of religion in 1648 has by now collapsed and with it the European Union, because that pact of convenience was in essence an unprincipled compromise with a flagrantly sinful Vatican authority. While violence is to be avoided, the diehard sinners will never leave office or the pulpit without a fight, and so to battle we must go, as writ by Martin Luther in hymn below.

A Mighty Fortress is Our God, a hymn by Martin Luther

A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark never failing
Our helper He, amid the flood of mortal ills prevailing:
For still our ancient foe does seek to work us woe;
His craft and power are great, and armed with cruel hate,
On Earth is not his equal.

Did we in our own strength confide, our striving would be losing,
Were not the right Man on our side, the Man of God's own choosing:
Do ask who that may be? Christ Jesus, it is He;
Lord of Sabaoth (of righteous armies), His Name, from age to age the same,
And He must win the battle.

And though this world, with devils filled, should threaten to undo us,
We will not fear, for God hath willed His truth to triumph through us;
The Prince of Darkness grim, we tremble not for him;
His rage we can endure, for lo, his doom is sure,
One little word shall fell him.

That word above all earthly powers, no thanks to them, abides;
The Spirit and the gifts are ours through Him Who with us sides;
Let goods and kindred go, this mortal life also;
The body they may kill: God's truth abides still,
His kingdom is forever.

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