November 29, 2022

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With the massive die off coming due to the pole shift, it’s good to keep in mind what the true purpose of life is on this planet and understand that the coming times offer an opportunity for spiritual growth, whether your body survives the pole shift or not. So make the most of your life, and remember death is not the end.

ZetaTalk about the purpose of life on Earth and that death is not the end.

If one looks at the physical life, it would appear to propagate the species and allow the organism to live, or vice versa as life comes before propagation. But since it is the soul that lives on while the physical body dies, hundreds...

Authored by Aden Tate via The Organic prepper blog,

You’ve likely heard a word tossed about in the narrative of late that has you somewhat dumbfounded: transhumanism.

What on earth does...

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